“I found Tanya’s workshop to be very inspiring, deepening my knowledge and understanding of the learning process, and really opening my eyes to the potential we all have within us. Would definitely attend again, Tanya is a passionate and talented teacher, bringing a real depth of knowledge, creativity and skill to her craft.” — Alex Harvest, Director, Artspace Lifespace

At the end of the first day of Conversational Spanish in 2 Days,  this is what one student had to say -
‘I just feel great, I am so taken by everything that I learnt today, the great experience, the wonderful people. I am learning so much, not just Spanish. It’s awesome. I am so happy. Thank you.’— Ana Capone, Spanish course participant

“After knowing Ms Tanya for only two years, it is an understatement to say that: she is one to make an impression- on the people she teaches and generally knows. As a student of Ms Tanya’s, one can learn and appreciate her in a unique way that not only makes one affectionate towards her, but memorable, in how she aids her students and in her means of teaching. She is inspirational, always ready to help, and has the ability to do anything she sets her mind to; these qualities and ways of thinking are passed on from Ms Tanya to her students, as she wholeheartedly believes and wishes the best for all of her pupils, even if they lose belief in their work themselves.” — Sultana Zaman, year 10 student

“I am so grateful to Tanya for sharing her skills, knowledge and experience with me. Having participated in several of Tanya’s talks and workshops I can say that she has an ability to authentically connect with people and to translate her guidance into practical techniques that are easily shared with others in a meaningful and useful way. Tanya has been an inspiration to me in my daily work as a Teacher. I often find it hard to integrate my beliefs about the purpose of education with the daily practice, Tanya has shown that this is possible and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” – Hannah Morgan, Nursery Teacher, Oxfordshire

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