Welcome to tanyamoore.co.uk. Thank you for visiting my website. I am a teacher-educator, passionate about making a difference in the world of education.

I teach using accelerated techniques and from a combination of teaching experiences, extensive research and my own learning, I have developed a new model of teaching called 5D Learning.

Supporting children and young people to recognise and express their true learning potential:

  • Accelerated Learning – Talks and Workshops
  • Teaching
  • Teacher Training

“I found Tanya’s workshop to be very inspiring, deepening my knowledge and understanding of the learning process, and really opening my eyes to the potential we all have within us. Would definitely attend again, Tanya is a passionate and talented teacher, bringing a real depth of knowledge, creativity and skill to her craft.” — Alex Harvest, Director, Artspace Lifespace

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“I am so grateful to Tanya for sharing her skills, knowledge and experience with me. Having participated in several of Tanya’s talks and workshops I can say that she has an ability to authentically connect with people and to translate her guidance into practical techniques that are easily shared with others in a meaningful and useful way. Tanya has been an inspiration to me in my daily work as a Teacher. I often find it hard to integrate my beliefs about the purpose of education with the daily practice, Tanya has shown that this is possible and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” – Hannah Morgan, Nursery Teacher, Oxfordshire


TES Articles (from the Times Education Supplement)

‘For pupiHow food and water affect learningls to stay focused, a good diet and water are key.’

Two of the ways to increase the effectiveness of learning:

1. stay hydrated

2. eat the right nutrients for the brain.

‘Music, 2 Day Conversational Spanishmeditation and martial arts aid Spanish learning.’

Learn a language fast by completely immersing yourself in the language and using activities that will help the new phrases go into your long term memory.


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